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Who would you show up as

if you weren't at all concerned about what others think?

My question to myself today.

My question to you.

We live one life (depending on your spiritual beliefs) and it is to be lived fully, boldly and without fear.

Today I ask- how would I show up if I didn't worry about how I came off to the world?

Who might I inspire?

What would the ripple effect be?

Even since motherhood began, I've been in an ever evolving shift. Time is precious and I want to spent my time wisely. As I run a multifaceted business, I wear many hats, and sometimes I keep aspects of those hats more to myself. But I've been feeling called to more boldly embrace all of it. Just as I am coming out with my writing, I may also be emerging with more.

A reminder to be the real you. All of you. Holding nothing back.

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