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Let's begin.

To the world I am an artist. To my own self? I am a writer.

Thus, it is time to have a place for my writings as I intend to eventually write a book and rather than create that goal into a daunting task, I choose, instead, to make it bite sized. One word, then another. No need for perfection. A blog is a perfect place to begin.

My challenge with writing is that I am truly multipassionate. Were I to write a book what would it be about? My love of love? Holistic healing? Creative living? Entrepreneurship? Mamahood?

A novel? Non-fiction? A collection of stories?

And then there are the characters. Were I to write either a novel or nonfiction, how do I protect with integrity the people in my life? Is that fair to write about real characters?

These are things I ponder as I consider writing a book. But again, a blog? The perfect place to begin.

So I welcome you to my ponderings. My space for life as a mama, healer, artist & digital marketer. My place for creation through words.

And while I regularly write posts on social media, again my creative self I've mostly put toward the world is my life as an artist- a painter, a drawer. For some reason I chose that this was the art I would share with the world, while my writings, something I actually have a daily habit of doing, would be only for me. Not quite a secret, but more of a sacred space only for me. And yet deep down I know I have been craving to claim space as a writer. Not ONLY a visual artist.

This is my proclaimation to the world that I am, in fact, a writer. Here we go!

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