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I am a multi-passionate artrepreneur and entrepreneur living in an adobe home on a high desert horse rescue ranch in New Mexico, paving a unique path that combines art, wellness, creative living, and business training, and eager to guide others toward their unique paths!


I am a practicing professional artist, a legacy income mentor, and founder of Red Earth Wellness, a holistic transformational coaching business. There came a point where I felt the call to shift my work into the virtual space and become an online wellness coach, a call you could say actually began at the age of 15 when I first discovered art therapy. While I instead went the path of philosophy in college, the desire to be in the field of healing was present from an early age and has been the common thread all along.

It is my belief that we each carry within ourselves the ability to heal. Forward movement is often about tapping into our potential alongside a compassionate coach or guide to help awaken our personal power and live fully into our dreams and visions.

I have trained extensively all over the world in ancient and modern medicine, art as a healing modality, relational philosophy, entrepreneurship, business, and sales, including years of experience in art sales, as well as in health sales, working as an independent direct sales distributor of medical grade equipment focused on hydration.

Having practiced as an artist and researched healing modalities locally and globally for 14+ years, and trained in Chinese Medicine for 5 years and continuing on to 3 more years of graduate study, including herbs, Craniosacral Therapy, Acupuncture, facial diagnosis, QiGong, TaiJi, and massage, my mission is to interweave art, mind-body-spirit healing, and nature as a means of inspiring others toward their most vibrant, wellness oriented lives!


In November 2019 I experienced a failure of a big test in a medical program I had been involved in for 4 years. This failure was a pivotal moment in my life- one that forced me to face many fears, let go of what I thought needed to happen, release fear of external opinion, and truly tune in to my authentic flow. Upon tuning in to my deepest inner voice, I let go of my school program and became a full time entrepreneur, a choice that took me on a life changing journey of self discovery, healing, and self belief.

In November 2020 my life took another exciting shift and I am now enrolled in a new graduate training in Chinese Medicine at the Academy for Five Element Acupuncture, a study that will eventually enhance my healing and coaching work.

The beauty of this journey was that I had to let go entirely of my plan and listen inward- learning trust in the path, and learning trust in myself and my intuitive pull. This entire journey led me to where I now live, on a healing horse ranch surrounded by stunning nature building a life of art making, business passion, time and lifestyle freedom, and creative holistic life coaching.

This drive to work with creative healing approaches is a unique but important quest and calling and has taken an interesting journey, beginning with an art career! I have shown art since 2006 all over the world and have given artist talks and workshops in galleries and museums that address the interweaving of creativity and healing, including a show in 2020 titled “Elemental Meditations.” Creating a painting is not too unlike working with a client- there is a canvas ready to be worked with and a uniquely beautiful journey to be formed. I was also honored to study with renowned French philosopher Luce Irigaray in England in 2013, followed by an artist residency in Ireland. This multipassionate life filled with career shifts, failures turned success, redirections, and unexpected twists, puts me in a place of true compassion and excitement for other multipassionate women as they find a way to live into all of their passions.


Because of my experience in both art and healing modalities as well as my work as an art professor, my holistic coaching is unlike any offer out there, utilizing this training to match a client in their unique journey with a gentle, creative, expansive approach. As an entrepreneur and artist, I also have massive empathy for those on the entrepreneurial journey, and love assisting other path-forgers with their wellness as they figure out their most attuned, aligned wellness rhythms so that they can prosper in a sustainable way! 

I offer both group and 1:1 packages incorporating these modalities in a way that inspires clients to move into freedom, clarity, and empowerment with their health, life, and/or business journey, providing them with tools that will be able to be utilized long after our work together!


My invitation: for women to be guided creatively into their own inner landscapes, learning to trust themselves, believe in themselves and their innate worth, and know that they already have within them the tools to thrive- it often needs to be refreshed and awakened to become the most helpful to our lives! advocating that there is no one size fits all in building a healthy life!


In my journey with art and medicine, I've experienced a fair amount of failure and rejection, wins and successes, and learned necessary resilience in the process. From failed exams, to rejections to art shows and grants, to leaving my first medical school, I've learned that life unfolds in a beautiful and unexpected way as we dig deep and take time connect to our deepest vision. It is often our most difficult moments that lead us to true inner freedom and revelation- those moments where breakdowns lead to breakthroughs.

Life naturally maintains an ebb and a flow, a balance of light and dark, the yin and the yang, and my life work is about finding the flow of this beautiful, enlivening, full spectrum of aliveness, and guiding others in this same embrace!


Through all of these life shifts, I've learned that failure is simply redirection, an opportunity to reexamine life which at times calls for restful reflection and other times calls for jumping in and risk-taking. This long journey of art, medicine, and business has led me to my current offerings!


It is my passion to help YOU connect with your health, holistic abundance, creativity, and dream life vision!

Visit Red Earth Wellness Coaching, Red Earth Hydration, and my legacy income building mentorship offer! Or, to reach out with any other inquiry, simply fill out my contact form on the bottom of home page and I will get in touch!

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